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Comprehensive World-class Healthcare Approach
Experience a full spectrum of medical care, integrating Eastern, Western, and Gene analysis in our innovative "Triple Health System."

Cutting-edge Medical Equipment & Systems
Benefit from modern, high-tech equipment, including MRI, Ultra-low radiation CT, Ultrasound, Echocardiography, exablate 200, and more. Our cell medical exam system allows body composition and condition tests in the comfort of your space. Monitor radiation exposure with our radiation warning system. Explore innovative and non-invasive equipment for body slimming and facial treatments.

Revolutionary Anti-Aging Management
Engage in our 12 senility test categories assessing brain function, cell health, immune system, capillary flow, autonomic nervous system, and hormones. Our advanced gene analysis, based on genetic mapping, provides insights into aging processes and potential health risks. Enjoy a personalized program crafted by a team of experts, including doctors, health consultants, therapists, nutritionists, and trainers.

Cutting-edge Bio-Сare Technology
Access exclusive stem cell centrifuge and storage through our personalized stem cell banking program. Experience top-notch sports injury rehabilitation with our state-of-the-art equipment, unique to Korea.

early detection for most common diseases

• Preliminary consultation, Result consultation

Body Measurement
• BMI (Body Mass Index), Blood pressure

Blood Test
• Blood Cell Count, Basic Chemistry, Electrolyte test
• Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test
• Gout, Diabetic Test, Lipid Panel, Coagulation Test
• Thyroid Function Test, Hepatitis Viral Markers -Type A, B, C
• Syphilis test, AIDS, Rheumatoid Factor
• Ferritin, Amylase, Vitamin D

Tumor Marker blood tests
• Pancreatic cancer, Colorectal cancer, Liver cancer
• Prostatic cancer <male>, Ovarian cancer <female>

Stool Exam/Urine test
• Stool Exam, Urinalysis

Ophthalmologic Exam
• Visual acuity Test, Intraocular Pressure, Funduscopy

Otolaryngologic Exam
• Audiometry

Respiratory Exam
• Pulmonary Function Test
• Chest X-ray

Cardiovascular Exam
• EKG(Electrocardiography)

Gastroenterologic Exam
• Esophagogastroduodenoscopy(EGD) ※ Conscious sedation
• CLO Test for detecting Helicobacter Pylori infection
• Abdominal Ultrasound

Gynecologic Exam
• PAP smear, Mammography



Program for clients who have a family history of cancer and want early detection of diseases.


Comprehensive blood analysis, urine cytology, colonoscopy, MRI of the pancreas, low- dose CT scan of the lungs, osteodensitometry, peripheral blood smear, CYFRA (lung cancer), albumin.
• For Men: Free PSA (prostate cancer), male hormones (SHBG, testosterone).
• For Women: ROMA (ovarian cancer), female hormones (FSH, estradiol, LH), HPV test (human papillomavirus), pelvic ultrasound.


Program for clients who desire an in-depth evaluation of their health status.


Whole-body MRI, MRI screening of the brain's blood vessels.
MAST food allergens, MAST respiratory allergens.
Blood tests: antinuclear antibodies, lipoprotein(a), fibrinogen, Apo A, Apo B, homocysteine.
Heart: echocardiography, ultrasound of the carotid arteries, CT screening with coronary artery calcium score measurement, vascular atherosclerosis test.  


The most comprehensive program, including whole-body MRI.

Premium anti-aging program: Hair mineral analysis, Organic acid urine analysis,Food immune allergy analysis IG-PRO,Active oxygen/antioxidant activity, DNAtest - Medifit (obesity), DNA test - Hellogene (cancer).


Additional examinations that can be selected in addition to the main program.


Focus on the health of your gastrointestinal system with our GIT Check-Up program. Through specialized tests and examinations, we assess the condition of your digestive tract, promoting early detection and preventive measures.


Strengthen your body's defense mechanism with our Immune System Check-Up. Evaluate the performance of your immune system through comprehensive assessments, allowing for personalized strategies to boost immunity and overall


Prioritize cognitive health with our Brain MRI Check-Up program. This specialized examination uses MRI technology to assess brain health, aiding in the early detection of neurological conditions and providing insights for proactive brain care.


Tailored to address the impact of lifestyle on health, this program assesses various lifestyle factors such as diet, physical activity, and stress levels. Receive personalized recommendations for cultivating a healthier lifestyle and enhancing overall well-being.


Explore the intricacies of your immune response with our NK Cell Activity Check-Up. Assess the activity of natural killer (NK) cells, a crucial component of your immune system, and receive insights to support immune function and overall health.

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