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High SMAS Facelift

Enhance the fundamental factors contributing to ageing and ensure the effective reduction of deep wrinkles to achieve a comprehensive improvement in facial aesthetics.

This particular procedure is well-suited for individuals looking to address general facial wrinkles, counteract sagging in the cheeks and chin attributed to the ageing process, explore alternatives when previous lifting methods have proven unsatisfactory, seek a sustained and definitive lifting outcome, or encounter situations where thread lifting falls short in improving wrinkles, especially in cases of moderate to severe sagging.


Smooth away those frown lines and rejuvenate your look! Tackle drooping in the forehead, glabella, eyebrows, and eyelids all at once.

- Combat sagging eyelids caused by heavy eyebrows.
- Lift and open your eyes without the constant need to raise your eyebrows.
- Address deep wrinkles on the forehead and glabella.
- Rejuvenate the skin around the forehead and eyebrows, countering advanced signs of ageing.

mini lifting

Effortlessly lift excess skin with the precision of endoscopes, minimizing incision ranges. Utilize "elastic lifting threads" for a longer-lasting impact compared to traditional thread lifting, effectively combating sagging skin. The endoscope further elevates the SMAS layer, visibly enhancing wrinkle reduction. This surgical method seamlessly integrates the rapid recovery and satisfying results of thread lifting with the benefits of wrinkle improvement achieved through incision lifting.

Ideal for:
- Patients requiring lifting in areas like sagging cheeks, lip wrinkles, Indian lines, nasolabial folds, neck wrinkles, and more.
- Office workers seeking a swift recovery.
- Patients in need of lifting post-facial contouring or double-jaw surgery.
- Individuals unsatisfied with Ulthera or Aculifting outcomes.
- Those desiring a natural appearance with a pronounced lifting effect.

JK 3D Thread Lifting

Attain Silky and Radiant Skin Without the Need for Surgery.

With an innovative threaded three-dimensional swivel designed to address the limitations of traditional thread lifting methods, JK 3D Thread Lifting provides a consistent and firm lift, resembling the effortless removal of a cork from a wine bottle.

The threads employed in JK 3D Thread Lifting are crafted from PDO, certified by either the U.S. FDA or Korea KFDA, guaranteeing a secure lifting process for excess facial skin. This procedure effectively lifts the face and undergoes natural absorption by the body over time.

The type, quantity, location, and insertion method of the threads can be tailored to match individual aging conditions, ensuring a safe and customized operation. Experience a swift return to your daily routine with the added benefit of achieving satisfactory and lasting results.

Ultrasound Laser Lifting

Elevate your daily routine with Ultrasound-Laser Lifting.

Experience lifting effects through skin regeneration.

Options include:
- JK Doublo Gold Lifting
- HIFU Lifting
- Air Lifting

Restore skin elasticity and promote regeneration.

Choose from:
- Baby Face Injection: Emphasizing skin elasticity and regeneration.
- Hyaluronic Injection: Enhancing skin moisturization, elasticity, and brightness.
- Botox: Crafting slender and smooth lines.
- Filler: Achieving a vital and voluminous look.

Injection Lifting

Revitalize skin elasticity and promote regeneration with the Baby Face Injection.

Enhance skin hydration, elasticity, and brightness with the Hyaluronic Injection.

Achieve a slender, smooth profile with Botox.

Restore vitality and add volume with the Filler for a naturally full appearance.


Achieve Elegance in Facial Contouring.

A Graceful Face
Enhance flat areas such as the forehead, temples, and cheeks, adding volumetric characteristics for a stylish and elegant facial appearance.

Natural Baby Face:
Inject fat into fine wrinkles around the eyes, nasolabial folds, lips, and more to create a naturally youthful effect.

Lifting Effect with Volume:
Conducted in conjunction with thread lifting and face lifting, this procedure produces a three-dimensional lifting effect.

Procedure Steps:
1. Collecting fat from the desired area
2. Isolating pure fat tissue
3. Precise fat grafting in the targeted area


Meso-Botox (Skin Botox);
Forehead Wrinkle;
Glabella Wrinkles;
Eye and Nose Wrinkles;
Square Jaw;
Trapezius Muscle;


Perfect for adding volume to foreheads, particularly effective for individuals with deep wrinkles on the forehead.

Ideal for refining a flat and undefined nose, correcting a crooked or aquiline nose, making the nose proportional to the face contours, and restoring volume to a flat nose.

Short Chin:
A transformative solution for correcting lines under the chin, especially beneficial for those with protruding lips due to a short chin.

Cheek/Nasolabial Fold:
Expertly addresses deep nasolabial folds and wrinkles near the cheekbones, delivering a refreshed appearance even without facial expression.

Tailored for harmonizing differences in upper and lower lip size, adding volume to thin lips for a warmer expression, and defining the lip line for a more pronounced and inviting look.


The collagen in the vaginal tissue ages over time, much like the skin. This innovative procedure enhances volume and tightens the vaginal lining. Utilizing high-frequency energy, it reconstructs and rejuvenates collagen within the vagina, promoting improved elasticity.

anti-aging check-ups

Examinations for clients seeking preventive check-ups for individual health care in old age.

Cortisol, DHEA, IGF-1, Organic acid urine analysis, Hair mineral analysis, ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate), Food immune allergy analysis IG-PRO, Free radicals & antioxidant activity (SQ lab), DNA test for diseases and lifestyle.


Anti-aging tests + DNA tests.
DNA test for diseases and lifestyle.

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