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Cancer Treatment


World’s 30th & Korea’s 1th ‘2022 World’s Best Hospitals’ (US Newsweek, 2022)
Entitled Korea’s most-admired hospital for 16 consecutive years (Korea Management Association Consulting, 2007–2022)
No. 1 in Korea Customer Satisfaction Index (Korea Management Association Consulting, 2013-2018)
No. 1 in global customer satisfaction survey for 10 consecutive years (Japanese Management Association Consulting, 2008–2017)
Designated as a research-driven hospital (Ministry of Health and Welfare, 2013)
No. 1 in Korea-Standard Service Quality Index (Korean Standards Association, 2012)
No. 1 in number of patients and treatments (National Health Insurance Corporation, 2011)
Grand prize for global standard management in the social responsibility category (Korean Management Association Registration, 2010)
No. 1 in National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) (Korea Productivity Center, 2010)
Entitled Korea’s top hospital (Ministry of Health and Welfare, 2005)
‘Customer Satisfaction Award’ of the National Productivity Award (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, 2003)
First hospital to receive recognition for outstanding services (Korea Management Association Consulting, 2002)

Cancer Treatment with Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy is the treatment method that destroys cancer cells by using an accelerated high energy proton which is the nucleus of a hydrogen atom. The accelerated proton beam passes through body tissues and transfers most of their energy to cancer tissues and subsequently stops to minimize unnecessary radiation exposure to normal tissues.

Types of cancer can be treated with proton therapy:

- Lung
- Liver
- Brain tumor
- Head & neck

Brain Tumor Center

Latest treatment methods:

- Intraoperative navigation systems
- Neuro-endoscopic surgery
- Mobile computed tomography (CT)
- Brain tumor fluorescent staining (5-aminolevulinic acid)
- Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring
- Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), Image-guidedradiation therapy (IGRT), and Gamma Knife radiosurgery

Breast Cancer Center

Latest treatment methods:

- Oncoplastic breast surgery
- Personalized treatment (cancer scan, AVATAR mouse)
- Sentinel lymph node biopsy (radioisostope, biopigment,fluorescent dye)
- Application of state-of-the-art chemotherapy and other anti-cancer therapies (targeted therapy Herceptin)
- Multinational clinical trials

Colorectal Cancer Center

Latest treatment methods:

- Minimally invasive surgery (conventional, single-port,Robotic surgery)
- Therapeutic endoscopy for early-stage colorectal cancer
- Chemotherapies using advanced agents
- Innovative radiotherapies
- Tailored targeted therapies

Gastric Cancer Center

Latest treatment methods:

Surgery is the most fundamental treatment and performed inthe form of laparotomy, laparoscopic surgery, and roboticsurgery. Endoscopic submucosal dissection is well recognized asa standard treatment for precancerous lesions like gastricadenoma and early-stage stomach cancer whose lesions aresmall and well differentiated.

GU Cancer Center

Latest treatment methods:

- Minimally invasive surgical therapy (laser, single port,laparoscopic, robotic laparoscopic surgery)
- Radiation therapy technology (innovative radiotherapytechniques), proton therapy
- Use of non-surgical methods such as high-intensityfocused ultrasound (HIFU)
- Radiofrequency thermal ablation
- Targeted therapies
- Advanced chemotherapy agents
- Hereditary clinic (Von Hippel-Lindau disease (VHL)

Gynecologic CanceR CENTER

Treatment System:

The Gynecologic Cancer Center offers one-day outpatientservices for cancer patients to reduce time from diagnosis totreatment.

It includes radiological and endoscopic diagnostic procedures,and the operation schedule can be made on the day of visitwhen the treatment procedure has been determined during thefirst medical examination. For young cancer patients, thereis provided fertility sparing treatment option and consultation toinfertility clinic.

Head and Neck Cancer Center

- Minimally invasive surgery using laser, endoscopy, and robotic equipment
- Partial excision to optimize preservation of function and quality of life
- Concomitant reconstructive plastic surgery using free flaps
- Precise excision and reconstruction using 3D printing technology
- Treatment of lymphatic metastases through sentinel lymph node biopsy and excision

Pediatric Cancer (patients up to 18 years old)

Latest treatment methods:

- Allogeneic or Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
- Chemo Therapy
- Targeted Therapy
- Proton Therapy
- Radiation Therapy
- Surgery

Liver Cancer Center

Latest treatment methods:

Along with hepatectomy, liver transplantation, radiofrequency thermal ablation, chemoembolizationof the hepatic artery, chemotherapy (targeted therapy), radiosurgery, and radiation therapy, the Liver Cancer Center has now begun to offer liver cancer cryotherapy.

Lung and Esophageal Cancer Center

Latest treatment methods:

Interventional bronchoscopy, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy (3-dimensional conformal radiotherapy; 3DCRT),intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) tomotherapy, bodystereotactic radiotherapy (SBRT), proton therapy).

Uncommon Cancer Center

Latest treatment methods:

The primary treatment for NETs is radical resection. Depending on individual conditions, it is combined with targeted therapies and chemotherapies using octreotide, lanreotide, pasireotide, interfereon-α, everolimus, and sunitinib. In case of liver metastasis, transcathter arterial chemoembolization or radiation therapies may be considered. Recently, the latest drugs are also adopted to treat NETs as part of clinical trials.

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