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Personalized care


Our services prioritize personalized care and support to each client's unique health needs. Having personally visited and received treatment from clinics within our network, we have established direct connections with all medical professionals. This ensures our offering of carefully selected clinics and specialists based on our firsthand experiences.

Exceptional Healthcare Treatments

Highest Standards

Access top-tier, recognized, and highly awarded medical professionals, offering exceptional healthcare treatments to address a diverse range of medical concerns. We provide tailored treatment options based on individual client requests, extending our expertise to even the most delicate medical cases.

Medical & Travel Support Combo

Comprehensive Coverage

Discover the travel support that complements your healthcare experience. Our services extend beyond medical expertise, offering personalized assistance in invitations, visas, tickets, and transfers upon request. Catering to your travel needs, we ensure a smooth and stress-free journey to your healthcare destination.

Top Priority: Your Privacy

Privacy Priority

At D&S Bespoke, we prioritize your trust and safeguard your personal information with the utmost confidentiality and security. Trust, transparency, and privacy protection are integral to our service, ensuring a secure and confidential healthcare journey for our valued clients.

(Tailored Excellence)

Unlocking Health Potential Globally

D&S BESPOKE, Your Medical Concierge

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Explore our services

Submit Your request

To begin the process, submit a detailed request outlining your specific requirements and needs. Whether it's medical consultations, appointments, procedures, or other healthcare-related services, we're here to assist.


Detailed Consultation

Upon receiving your request, our team provides you with a thorough consultation. We offer detailed information on how we can best meet your needs, ensuring transparency and understanding at every step.


Full-Service Organization

- Once you've decided on the services you require, proceed to make a payment of a fixed commission, set at GBP500, to the agency.
- With the commission settled, we take charge of the entire process. This includes the seamless organization of online and offline consultations, medical appointments, procedures, surgeries, and more. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive end-to-end support to our clients.

Commission Inclusions:
Full support and assistance for the client throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.
- Coordination and organization of appointments, consultations, transfers, and any other necessary services to streamline the healthcare journey for our clients.

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